Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Greenhouse

A couple of weeks ago W and I put new plastic on the greenhouse in anticipation of the upcoming winter months.  My greenhouse is not fancy, but it is big.  I need all of the room to store our potted plants, grow lettuce during the winter, and start our spring seedlings.

I am putting it to use a bit right now.  I took some cuttings from our pear and pomegranate trees.  Those are in a mixture of sand and compost and will hopefully root in a couple of months.

I also planted some lettuce and spinach seeds and have that in the greenhouse since it is much warmer in there than outside.  I have three containers and will plant them a week apart from each other so we have a steady supply of lettuce and spinach.  This year we have three rabbits to help us eat it.

Another reason for putting the lettuce in the greenhouse is to keep it away from our visitors/helpers.  These ladies do a great job of scratching in the compost pile and adding a bit of fertilizer. 
They do love anything green and tender lettuce leaves are a particularly tasty treat.

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