Monday, November 5, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

This past weekend was an annual holiday bazaar and yard sale at a local church.  W was off work and able to go with me this time.  We ended up with some wonderful deals.  He found several pieces of cast iron cookware.

First we got a frying pan with cover for just $4.

We got an 8 inch frying pan for $2, a 6 inch frying pan for $1, and an 8 inch griddle pan for $1.

They all cleaned up nicely and were seasoned with grease.  We did not necessarily need any of them but will certainly use them.  At those prices it was impossible to pass them up.

I found the piece of fabric below.  I have not taken exact measurements but estimated it to be about 2 yards.  I am planning to use it to make napkins.  I only paid $2 for the fabric.

The final item was found by my mom at another yard sale.  I needed a box grater for making homemade hash browns.  The small grater I have has holes wich are much too small.  I had borrowed hers but was on the lookout of one of my own.  She found one that looks brand new for only 50 cents! I saw a similar one in a store for $10, which means I saved over $9.

I was pleased with all of our purchases.  They were all useful items.  Now that I have a good collection of cast iron I will be tossing our non-stick frying pans.  The napkins will be well used and will replace some of our current napkins which are getting threadbare. 

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terricheney said...

That is beautiful fabric. It should make lovely napkins. You got some good buys on the cast iron items. I'm using mine more and more lately. I love that they never wear out and can be better than any nonstick skillet.