Sunday, October 14, 2012

Freezer Challenge Days 12 - 14

The past few days I have focused more on using up items that have been in the freezer longer than I intended. 

Day 12 - I made cherry tarts using half a package of phyllo dough.  I am experimenting with pre-making the tarts and baking them at a later date.  I also used a package of ground venison to make sloppy joes.

Day 13 - I cooked a frozen homemade hamburger helper type meal, squash, and butterbeans.  It was nice to eat a meal entirely from the freezer.

Day 14 - Lunch today is fish fillets, whole kernel corn, and roasted potatoes.  The potatoes were a convenience food that was free as a trial item.  I baked them, smashed them, and then baked a little longer.  The potatoes were definitely an item that needed to be used up. 

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