Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Freezing Challenge - Day 2

Yesterday was another good day for using items from the freezer.  I also added something to the freezer though - homemade tortillas.  I tried making them once before and they did not turn out well.  I recently saw a recipe for homemade tortillas from Mom on a Mission.   I prefer whole wheat tortillas.  Since we began cutting back on processed foods, I found that the ones we still ate tasted awful.  I have not tasted these tortillas yet.  However, they rolled out much easier and cooked up better than my previous attempt.  I will be using them to make taco bowls later this week.

Here is what I took out of the freezer yesterday:

From the refrigerator freezer
~two homemade English muffins for W's breakfast
~chocolate chips for lava cakes

From the big inside freezer
~macaroni and cheese
~jalapeno poppers

I also put dough for a pizza crust in the freezer.  That will be used next week though. 

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