Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rooting Pineapple Tops and Dividing Older Plants

I bought two pineapples this week at the grocery store and took advantage of a sale and coupons.  I cut those up this past week.  The two tops of course are now rooting on my kitchen counter so I will have two more pineapple plants in a few weeks.

When a plant gets older, it will begin to put on "pups" (shoots off the base of the main plant).  I had two plants with pups.  I only removed them from one as the only plant is producing a pineapple.  I do not want to disturb it too much.  Here is a picture of the second plant so you can see one of the pups.

It is a little hard to see since the plant is so big.  If you notice the front left side of the plant, you can see leaves which are slightly smaller.  There is a second one on the other side.  You simply find the base of the plant and cut away the pup with a sharp knife.  Of the two I removed one had very defined roots while the second did not.  Roots will grow once the pup is planted. 

The two plants in front are the pups.  I removed them from the plant that produced a pineapple earlier this year.  That plant is still growing strong.  These will be kept in a shaded area of the yard for a couple of weeks.  The removal of the shoots was simple and they should grow just fine.  My free pineapple plants just keep producing more and more freebies for me!

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Susan in SC said...

Love these! One day I will have to try this!