Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Saved from the Trash - Countertop

A year or so ago W was somewhere and someone (it has been so long I do not remember specifics) was tossing out some counter tops.  Nothing was wrong with the counter tops; they were simply being replaced.  These perfectly good counter tops were headed for the landfill.  (*I will save my rants on waste in America for another time.)  He asked if he could have the counter tops and was soon loading them on his truck.  Over the past year the various pieces have been used here and there around our house.  One piece remained which W was saving for my craft room. 

I dreaded packing up everything so he could move the table that was in there to another corner and making room for the counter top.  Finally he just forced me into it.  I am not a fan of chaos, but in the end it has been worth it.

I have room to leave my sewing machine out and still work with my Cricut.  I can also slide everything back/to the side and have room to cut fabric.  The table which is just a piece of plywood is in another corner and gives me space to leave my stamping supplies out.  I can get much more done since I am not constantly putting one thing up so I have room to take another out.  A perfectly wonderful item was saved from the trash, and I got a free counter!

W is always bringing home treasures so I will be sharing more items that were saved. 


Rhonda said...

That is great. Formica is a great surface to sew and craft on too.

Susan in SC said...

Lucky, lucky girl! I love it!

Helena said...

Great! And you don't have to worry about getting marks on that worktop, glue and glitter and all that stuff! :o)