Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Savings

This was a busier week as I was working on several projects around the house.  I decided the best way to declutter and organize my craft room was to finish some projects.  I started by putting together the 25 sewing kits for the shoeboxes.  I included some fabric (donated), sewing needles, safety pins (bought with coupon), thread, and buttons.  The needles and buttons were purchased on sale.  I bought two cones of thread last year so there was no extra cost for that this year.  I have enough thread to last for a couple more years.  Next I completed the last of the birthday cards for this year.  I used materials I had on hand.  I also finished stamping some stationery.  Now I have both the table and the counter cleaned off.  I have started working on crafts for VBS which is at the end of this week.  I want to complete a sample of each.  It is so nice to have room to work.


I have not been pleased with the changes at my regular grocery store.  I decided to check out another grocery store that I usually do not shop.  I was relieved to find that the everyday prices were fine – not great but better than at my current store.  I bought a couple of products to try out and saw others that I will buy to try.  I did spend more this past week, but I have jalapeno peppers coming in.  I need to make poppers to put in the freezer so I purchased extra cheese and cream cheese. 



Our garden is starting to produce more.  We have picked squash, zucchini, and a few cherry tomatoes.  The lettuce is still hanging on.  The raspberries are done for now.  I am taking care of a relative’s garden and was told to pick the produce to keep.  I got a cucumber and piles of squash.  Since I already had squash from my own garden, I gave half of them to some neighbors who did not do a garden this year.


W’s parents called us Thursday morning with an offer of free firewood.  We had to go right then to pick up the first load.  W cut the wood, and I loaded it onto the trailer.  We will be going back several times for more free firewood.  This is the way we heat our home so we are always grateful to get it free minus our labor (of course).


Leaving suddenly meant I had to put my bread dough into the refrigerator rather than baking it immediately.  It did okay but was not light and fluffy.  I ended up turning those two loaves of bread into bread crumbs.  The bread crumbs went into the freezer and will be used.  I baked two more loaves of bread.


I have been sticking to the meal plan I made for June.  I saved the monthly menu on my computer so I will have it for next year.  I can simply adjust it each year rather than starting from scratch. 


We ate up all of the older fruit in the refrigerator.  Not throwing out food is very frugal.  I have been trying to push the fruit that was purchased first.  This week we finished off grapes and kiwi.  I am being more proactive about eating up leftovers.



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