Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Decorating for Halloween

I happily admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love it even more than Christmas.  Gifts are nice, but give me a good ghost story any day.  This year I wanted to put out some decorations in the front yard, but I was on a budget.


First I put out my trick or treat children.  I have used these for several years.  Somehow I lost the dowel rods that I used for the support.  I dug around and found four metal rods which W said I could use.  I did have to cut new eyes, but I used some scraps of felt that I had on hand.


 The scarecrows were purchased years ago on clearance.  I bought the jack o’lantern planter at a yard sale this spring for $1.  I still need to add in some pumpkins from the garden.


W suggested we needed a sign.  I had seen variations of the “Dead and Breakfast” signs on Pinterest.  This was formerly our “Eggs for Sale” sign.  It had gotten a bit worn, and I have enough regular egg customers that the sign was no longer needed.  W had a leftover can of black spray paint which I used to cover up the previous message.  I used some acrylic paint I had in my craft room and just hand painted the new message.  I wanted it to look less than perfect.


This is my favorite thing.  The spooky tree is a limb that had fallen out of one of the pecan trees.  I had tattered cloth left from a previous Halloween project.  It looks like moss when the wind blows.  My only purchase this year was the seven ravens ($1 each from Dollar Tree).  I plan to use those for several years to come. 

I hope to add in additional decorations next year.  By making purchases gradually and reusing decorations from previous years, I can decorate and stay within my budget.


Terri Cheney said...

LOL I love it all, especially the sign!

Susan in SC said...

Love the children!