Friday, October 17, 2014

Furry Friday - A Sad Goodbye

Almost two weeks ago my parents' 16 year old dog, Bear, passed away.  She was as active as a 16 year old dog can be up until the evening that she died.  She passed peacefully surrounded by her family.  How many humans wish for the same?


This is Bear in her younger years.  She was a one of a kind dog.  She loved chasing squirrels and was an excellent herd dog.  Many days I would be the only one around when the goats got out of their pen.  All I had to do was yell “Bear” and she was right there.  I never had to give any extra instructions.  She always knew just where to stand and what to do.


Bear was always very protective.  If someone she did not know stopped at my house, she came up and sat on my feet between me and the stranger.  If anyone was going to get me, they would have to get through her first.


Children loved Bear, and she loved them right back.  Her size often frightened them at first.  Once they realized she would tolerate being cuddled, she was a friend for life.


It is hard to sum up such a special creature.  I will be forever thankful that she was in my life and that I was able to tell her goodbye. 


Helena said...

I'm so sorry. He sounds wonderful. Some pets have such a huge impact on our lives, more than any human.

Susan in SC said...

So sorry about the passing of such a special dog. Hugs to all!