Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Freezer Cooking - Premade Frozen Pizza

I love the convenience of those premade frozen pizzas.  I am not so fond of the cost or the taste.  I have been making pizza crust dough and freezing it.  I wanted to take it further.  Some days I only have time and energy to put a pizza from the freezer into the oven.  At the same time I did not want to depend on what is available in the freezer case of the grocery stores.


I found this post on Pinterest.  The directions were simple enough.  Par baking the crust really helped keep it from getting soggy when it was finished baking.  This would be a good option for making smaller personal sized pizzas if cooking for one or if everyone likes different toppings. 



I make four pizzas at a time and wrap them up.  It is wonderful to be able to pop a homemade pizza in the oven in just minutes.  I add salad for a good, easy meal. 


I use this pizza sauce recipe.  My only change is using ¾ cup of water rather than 1 cup.  This makes enough for 2+ pizzas or more if like piles of sauce.


Terri Cheney said...

How do you package the pizzas for freezing? I've tried wrapping and I've tried slipping them into zippered freezer bags. I was wondering how you package them.

Dawn said...

Terri, I rolled the crust out on a piece of parchment paper for easy baking. I wrapped pizza and parchment paper first with plastic wrap and then with tin foil. I used the pizzas within a month. The last was as good as the first.