Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Savings - Multi-Week Edition

Even though I have been busy I have still been working to save money.  I made an attempt to take note of things along the way.

Cold season has started early here so I made a batch of elderberry syrup.  I had dried elderberries left from last year.  Honey and the spices were already in my pantry.  I am taking a spoonful every day right now.  I have no interest in getting sick this early in the season.

I used some sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner to wash doll hair.  These were dolls I had purchased at yard sales for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  The dolls were in good condition, but their hair needed some attention.  Now they look as good as new. 

I made several of my own spice mixes including Italian seasoning and season salt.  I have basic spices on hand and most basic herbs growing in my garden.  I find it cheaper to mix my own when needed rather than buying premixed versions.

I had a sewing lesson from my mom.  We patched a pair of jeans and sewed a pocket that had come loose.  I am slowly working to get comfortable doing these things on my own.  I also fixed a tear in one of his pajama shirts.  It is not beautiful, but he will be sleeping in it so it is good enough.

Decorated for fall/Halloween using mainly items that I already had on hand.  I did purchase ravens from the Dollar Tree, but I plan to put these up to use another year. 

We were able to recover the greenhouse with materials either leftover from last year or found around the yard.  We installed windows purchased at a yard sale earlier this year. 

I skipped grocery shopping one week and focused using pantry/freezer items.  I stayed under budget for the weeks I did shop.

Ordered pet food online to get a better price.  Shipping was free, and it was nice to not have to struggle with the large bags of heavy food.

A neighbor gifted us with squash and cucumbers from his garden.  I will repay the favor with some pumpkins from my garden. 

W built a rabbit nursery hutch using materials on hand.  The materials were either given to him or left from other projects.  It is a very nice pen that only cost his time/labor.  We now have 5 baby rabbits.

I collected odd and end pieces of wire fencing to put in the raised bed to deter the squirrels.  These were pieces that were too small to use for other projects.  W tends to hang on to everything as eventually a use can be found.

I have been giving myself a weekly clay facial.  The jar of clay was not too expensive and will last for quite some time.  It is much cheaper than buying premade face masks and does not have any unpronounceable ingredients. 

I will be back to a regular posting schedule.  Thanks for your patience while I was away.  Check back starting tomorrow to see what I have been doing.

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