Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review: Not Cool

I have never been what I considered a "cool" person if you are going by society's perception of cool.  I never did anything just because everyone else was doing it.  The first indication that I have no problem going against the crowd is that I do not like any sports teams from my home state.  I have no idea who decided that people were required to like the teams in their state.  Back to the book - Not Cool:  The Hipster Elite and Their War on You by Greg Gutfeld.  I just knew as a not cool person I would enjoy this book.

Not Cool was a refreshing break from the average opinions of what is popular.  Too often what is cool is defined by Hollywood and politicians.  Neither group has any real life experience.  I did not agree with every chapter.  (I prefer my natural bug repellent to a bunch of chemicals and am not ready to embrace genetically modified foods.)  Overall I was on board with the message of the book.  Americans need to get back to what made our country great in the beginning and stop trying to impress people by following every wild idea that comes along.

I found the book to be slightly crude in places and have a bit of bad language, but it was not enough to make me not read the book.  There were some really great sections.  One of my favorites was in the chapter about the south:  "Southern hospitality means looking out for one another.  Sure, they know when to mind their own business.  But they also have a tight-knit community, often centered on a church.  Some might call it nosy, but that nosiness can be lifesaving."

My second favorite part is also a great summary of the book.  "The lesson:  It is a mistake to worry about how others view you. ........ You don't need their observation or approval.  You're already observed by those who matter: your family, your friends, yourself."   Do your homework before you offer your support or rejection of an issue.  It is not enough to follow along just because everyone else is.  We each have to just be ourselves and not be concerned with what everyone else thinks.  Never change your beliefs simply to be "cool".  Being not cool is perfectly okay!

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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