Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Favorite Things

I thought I would share just a few of my favorite things from the past month.

First up is my aromatherapy diffuser.  Leo has suffered from horrible storm anxiety.  It was so bad that we looked into getting a prescription medicine.  I was not happy with the thought of the side effects including liver problems.  I found some information on using essential oils with dogs.  I put lavender in the diffuser when it starts thundering.  Leo calms down enough to find a quiet place.  

The second item I am loving is my $3 yard sale electric water kettle.  I honestly use it 4+ times a week for heating water quickly for cooking or making cups of tea.

The third item is our outdoor washing sink.  W was going to throw this away last year when I asked if he could set it up by the garden.  It is great for rinsing off produce before we bring it inside.  He even installed a pipe that routes the water back into the garden so it is not wasted.

The final favorite thing is really a sound.  I love hearing the jars of canned food make the little "ping" when they seal.  It is satisfying especially with all of the work that goes into growing and canning the foods.  

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Lorita said...

I like the idea of the old sink next to the garden for washing the vegetables before taking them in the house.