Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly Savings

I am posting this a day early since I will be sharing my Holiday Grand Plan lists on Mondays.  I am not sharing a menu as I am going to update my monthly menu for September.  I will do my best to share that on Wednesday if I get it finished.  Now on to the savings....

*I found some summer items on clearance at CVS for the shoeboxes.  I bought watches and balls.  The watches will be a nice addition to the older boy boxes.

*I needed some wire to cover the tops of my raised beds to keep the chickens from scratching up the seeds I plant.  We checked the price on a 50 foot roll of wire and a 100 foot roll of wire. It turned out that we could get twice as much wire for just $10 more.  I do not need all 100 feet now, but I will use it in the spring when I grow more.

*I shopped around for some supplies to finish up a handmade gift for my mother-in-law's birthday next month.  I found the best price online with free shipping.

*I stuck to my modified grocery budget.  My plan for September is to eat mainly from the pantry and freezer so I have some extra money to stock up on any great sales.

*I cut back a large amount of lime basil while cleaning out the raised beds.  I used part of it and some zinnias to make a nice arrangement for the living room.

*I downloaded several free books onto my Kindle.  I try to download anything that I might be interested in if it is free.  Removing a book takes just a few seconds if I find that I do not care for it.

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