Monday, August 31, 2015

Holiday Grand Plan: Week 1

I like to spend Sundays setting up my plans for the coming week.  I had started to make changes to my usual plan for the first week of the Holiday Grand Plan.  Click here to go to the official information for week 1 with printables.  Week one is List Week, and the cleaning area is the front porch.  I have a front porch, and it definitely needs cleaning.  The problem is the weather.  Yesterday morning the forecast for my area included a 60%-70% chance of rain.  By the time I got home from church it was down to 30%-50%.  I am going to list my plans including cleaning the porch.  If the weather turns wet, I will postpone the porch until later.

Cleaning - Front Porch:  I am only cleaning rather than buying anything new since we are focused on saving for the new house.

~Declutter Porch
~Remove Dead Plants
~Sweep Down Cobwebs
~Sweep Porch
~Wash Trash Can
~Clean Front Door
~Sand Mailbox
~Change Wreath

Holiday Prep
~Work on Gift Lists:  Family, Friends, Church Children, and Mail Carriers/Delivery Drivers
~Update Christmas Card List & Decide on Postage Needed
~Make List of Freezer Meals
~Work on Christmas Cards

~Finish Grey Baby Blanket
~Work on Casserole Carrier
~Start Felt Paper Dolls

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes:  I am the coordinator for my church and need to organize things for the packing party in November.
~Finish Notepads:  I make these from copy paper cut in half and stapled together.
~Sort Stuffed Animals
~Count/Sort Toy Cars

~September Menu
~Plant Lettuce & Radish Seeds
~Move baby chicks

I expect that this will keep me very busy this week.  Are you taking part in the Holiday Grand Plan this year?

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