Monday, March 11, 2019

How to Watch March Madness without Cable/Satellite

I love, love, love college basketball.  Yes, I am the sports fanatic while W is not at all interested.  I do not love it enough to pay $100+ a month to watch it.  During the year I subscribe to a service through my favorite team's website.  I miss out on the extra games, but I can watch the ones that are most important to me. 

During March I want to watch as many games as possible.  I love all of those colleges that are fighting to make it to the Big Dance.  Each year I try to find the most cost effective way to watch as many games as possible.  This year I starting with SlingTV.  They are currently running a special.  New subscribers can get the first three months of SlingTV for only $15 a month.  The orange package gets you ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3.  I then plan to swap over to the blue package to get TNT, TBS, and TruTV for the NCAA tournament games.  I will add in CBS All Access for $6.  For a total of $21 I can watch the majority of the games. 

I am thrilled to be able to watch the games without breaking the budget or getting tied into an expensive satellite contract.  When there are no games on, W gets to watch a bit of live television.  Watching commercials again may take some getting used to for both of us though.

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