Thursday, August 1, 2019

Basket Makeover and a Freebie

In the spring W and I went to a different outdoor market than my regular one.  The lady set up beside me noticed that I used yarn and offered to give me a few skeins that she had.  When I went to give her back the basket that the yarn was in, she told me to keep that too.  I said "thank you" and put it in our vehicle. 

The basket was very dark brown and had some nicks and spots that were less than perfect.  I saw promise though even if I could not decide exactly what to do with it.  Recently I have taken to storing yarn in a cardboard box under an end table in the living room and realized that would be a perfect use of the basket.  W said he had paint on hand that would match our open living room and kitchen.

He even added a burlap liner to the basket.  It works perfectly and looks much nicer than a cardboard box.

If you are thinking about organizing, Motivated Moms is offering a free printable planner for August.  It is a checklist of daily chores as well as extra cleaning chores to get your home clean and organized.  The planner also includes a coupon code if you want to keep using the planner.  You get $2 off the $12 yearly price.

I have used this planner in the past.  I loved that it takes just a few minutes to do the extra tasks to clean the often overlooked areas of the home.  It is useful for anyone, not just moms.  Click here to get your free copy of the August planner.

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