Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Planning Ahead Part 2

Unfortunately all of my planning ahead has dealt with food.  It is important as we all have to eat, and the food budget can easily get out of control when time is short.  I have been working to remedy that by doing double (and sometimes triple duty) when cooking our regular meals. 

One day last week I planned to serve nachos.  Rather than just cooking enough seasoned meat for the one meal, I made extra and put two containers of cooked, seasoned meat into the freezer for future meals.

I am most thrilled with my second planning ahead day.  I used a pack of marked down chicken thighs to make chicken salad for dinner.  It makes enough for two meals.  I also had enough chicken left to make chicken pot pie filling (heavy on the vegetables) for the freezer.

That will be easy to thaw and top with a Bisquick topping at a later date.  I also put two containers of chicken broth into the freezer.  When the weather cools down, that will go into tomato soup or chicken gnocchi soup.  The best part is that the marked down chicken was only $1.20.  

It was extra work on that particular day, but I will appreciate the homemade freezer meals over the next few months!

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