Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Pantry Challenge Week 1

I am not sure that I made a dent in the freezer or pantry yet, but I spent $0 on groceries.

Breakfasts - W does not usually eat breakfast anymore.  I have been focused on eating up some things though. I had a mixture of things including sausage rolls (no biscuits) and some random packaged breakfast items in the pantry.

Lunches - I focused on using things from the freezer here.  We also ate plenty of vegetables from the garden.  The fresh vegetables are probably contributing to the fact the freezer did not go down as much.  One day our meal was boiled corn and tomatoes.  I took a few pictures, but they did not turn out well enough to share.

Dinners - We had been snacking at dinner, and it was mostly junk food.  This week I have been prepping a light dinner while I was making lunch.  It has varied from a hashbrown & ham bake to veggie summer rolls.  This has helped use up some items and gave us a better meal.  I also make pizza bites instead of buying packaged pizza rolls.

I call this first week a win.  I also set aside the money I might have spent on groceries.  This week is supposed to be cloudy/rainy so I am not sure pictures will work any better, but I will try. 

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