Wednesday, June 3, 2020

June is Here

Where has this year gone?  I missed the holidays due to working, and I feel the same about the quarantine.  I finally have my head above water as far as work goes.  There are still plenty of orders on my list, but I do have time for a few other things too.

I spend a bit of time each day hanging out in the yard with the dogs and sometimes their friends. 

I pull a few weeds from the garden each day and often write a letter or read while we are outside.

I am keeping up with the housework a bit better and have managed to stay out of the grocery store except for a quick trip last week.  We have plenty of food on hand so I am making myself use it.  I am setting aside the extra money for stocking up later.  I want to do some freezer cooking in September to make life easier as the holidays approach.

I have been finishing up quite a few custom orders.  As those continue to get marked off my list I want to work on other items for the farmers market and hopefully a festival.  I have no idea what the fall/winter holds, but I am moving forward.  

Sadie has settled in nicely.  We took her to the vet last month.  They came out and got her while we waited outside.  It was hard since she is so scared of anyone new.  She did fine and was thrilled to see us when they brought her back outside.  She gets to go out in our fenced yard on her own now with plenty of "wellness checks".  

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