Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Garden Spot

After promising to post some pictures of my little garden, I am finally getting around to it. This week was hectic and there was little to blog about. Grading papers is not very interesting either to do or read about. Dh and I managed to finish up the garden spot this week and plant both the plants I started and some seeds. First here are the pictures of the raised beds. I have three that are connected together. The first picture also shows one of my kitties. She loves digging in the garden unfortunately.

These were taken on Friday. I think I am going to take pictures every Friday so I can see how it changes from week to week. It was amazing to see how much had sprouted between last night and this morning. I love watching everything sprout and grow!

Here are a few close-ups of some seedlings.
First up - Dill

Next is the Lettuce Sprouts

Finally the Radishes

I should add that my raised beds are 8 foot square since we used railroad ties for the first two and then added cement blocks we had in the yard for the third bed. I did two foot square sections. It is a nice way to do a garden as I have quite a bit in a small area. Now comes the hard part - the waiting. I have trouble with the patience required for it to grow until harvest time. There is compost on the bottom and then a couple trailer loads of potting soil to fill it to the top. I have a rather cheap garden since the potting soil was free from a local pine tree farm. Most of the seeds I used were either saved from last year (dill & parsley) or purchased at the end of summer last year. They are still good since I have more lettuce and radish sprouts than I know what to do with already! More pictures and hopefully more sprouts next week!

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