Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Around the Yard

I took my camera with me as I went for a walk around the yard. I am not sure what the first flower is called. This was in a bunch of free plants from someone a few years ago.

These are the canna lilies. I also have some red ones. They have been here for as long as I can remember and require very little work.

Here is one of the zinnias. These reseed each year and just sprout on their own in the spring. As with all of my flowers, they are very drought and heat resistant. I love flowers but do not like to spend hours each day watering. My flower beds tend to be a mixture of whatever sprouts from last year's seeds.

This is a type of butterfly bush. Honestly I have only seen bees and wasps flying around it. The flowers are nice, and bees help the garden so I gladly keep it around.

A sunflower that just came up this year. Some were planted here years ago so I am guessing that is where the surprise one came from this spring.

The fig tree loaded with figs. I like these best when I eat them right off the tree.

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