Monday, July 21, 2008

Cake Decorating

I toyed around with cake decorating when my aunt took a class in the 80's. I was around 10 then and never got past doing the stars. Recently I have decided I want to learn a little more. I have no desire to be professional but will be happy to be passable. My MIL gave me a book and some decorating tips (actual tools not helpful hints) and I practiced a bit last week.

DH said it would be easier to work on a real cake rather than waxed paper. I baked three mini cakes yesterday morning and decorated them in the afternoon. I used a family recipe for the frosting but should have stuck with the Wilton recipe. I finally decided the family recipe was for flowers since it was like cement. I could not squeeze it out of the bag. After a bunch of thinning, the icing was workable and I finished my cakes.

None of them are professional, but I am getting closer to passable I think. I like the red one the best. I need to make two cakes for a neighborhood party this weekend. It is my birthday as well as a neighbor's. I think that style looks more party-ish than the other two. I also have plenty of the sprinkles, which I bought on clearance at CVS a few weeks ago. I am confident that I can make two pretty 9x13 cakes for much less than the price of a bakery cake.


Megan said...

Your cakes look great and Happy Birthday.
I left you a little award on my blog.

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