Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday the 17th = Friday the 13th

I had my turn at locking my keys in my vehicle today. I went to get my haircut and discovered my keys were missing when I went to pay. I walked out to my car and there are my keys resting in the front seat. It was so frustrating to be able to see them but not get to them. I called the police and a very nice officer tried to break into my car. No luck! The only other person who had a key was my DH, and he was not answering his cellphone. I call it and the house close to 100 times when he finally arrived at home and answered. He came (after two hours) and rescued me and promptly went to have copies of my key made. One is in my purse and the other will go to a relative. I am not a patient person and having to stand and do nothing was pure torture for me. I still had to finish up my shopping and made sure I had my keys firmly in my hand when I got out of the car.

The bad karma continued with dh have problems with his mower as he was given the wrong blades. My parents received a lovely shipment of melted ice cream. The FedEX truck for our route was broken yesterday so the ice cream sat an extra day in the heat. The company is going to replace the ice cream with coupons, which are a much safer choice.

I hope everyone else has been having a better Thursday. If Friday does not start off any better I will be hiding under the cover until sometime next week!

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