Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I opted to make a Valentine treat this year rather than buy one.  It seems that chocolate covered strawberries have become almost as popular as roses for Valentine's Day.  This popularity has caused a rise in price as well.  While at the grocery store earlier this week, I was looking at the strawberries on sale for $2/pound.  I asked W if he would like some for Valentines.  He then mentioned that a co-worker ordered some chocolate covered strawberries locally as a gift for his wife.  The cost was $6 per strawberry! 
I am sure the seller chose large and perfect strawberries and offered a lovely presentation.  I am certain it would not have been impressive enough for me to pay that amount though.  The ones I have here cost me $1.50 to make.  That is the cost of the strawberries and the chocolate.  I only used half of the pound of strawberries I purchased and just a bit of chocolate that I already had on hand. 
I am quite happy with my Valentine's Day on a budget!


Helena said...

wonderful!! I have not seen chocolate covered strawberries over here, I like the idea!!

terricheney said...

John was telling me a partner at work did the same thing for his wife and paid $50 for half a dozen. He told him that next year he'd make him some for $20, lol.