Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Money Saver: Compare Prices

One should not always assume that an advertised sale price is the best deal.  One of the convenience items I wanted to pick up was frozen french fries.  This is something that W can put in the oven and help make dinner or supper prep easier.  The grocery store offered bags of frozen fries for $2.  I originally planned to purchase two bags for $4. 

I had already put them in my cart when I decided to check the price on the larger bag.  I noted that I was getting 64 ounces for $4 with the sale item.  The larger bag of fries was 80 ounces and cost $3.99.  If I had not taken a few seconds to compare prices I would have essentially given away a pound of fries. 

I do realize that the whole potatoes I also purchased will make cheaper fries, and I do plan to use those for baked potato wedges.  The frozen fries are a convenient alternative.  Remember just because something is on sale does not make it the best deal!


Rhonda said...

Very true, those stores are sneaky.

Lorita said...

Yes, you really have to check things out and not just grab and go. As a general rule, the larger sizes are a better bargain, but not always.