Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dog Birthday Cake

This past weekend I needed to make a birthday cake for one of the girls in my church Bible class.  She requested a dog cake.  Originally my plan was to make a dog shaped cake.  My allergies flared up, and I was not feeling well.  Instead I made a dog out of icing using this technique.  I found a simple enough dog coloring page to use as a guide.  I baked and frosted a 9x13 cake and added the icing dog to the top.

It certainly is not fancy, but it is a dog cake.  The birthday girl literally jumped for joy when she saw it.  That was good enough for me.  The cake was shared with classmates, but we did not cut into the dog. 

This treat is a simple and inexpensive birthday gift.  The child gets to choose from cake, cupcakes, or giant cookie.  They also get to choose a design or theme.  I have learned that they are easy to please and just like having a special treat for their special day.  Children do not need super expensive or elaborate gifts.  Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best.

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