Monday, May 13, 2013

Menu Plan & Grocery Spending

I thought I would start with grocery spending this week.  If you remember for the previous week, I had just $13 to spend.  Last week I spent just under $3 to purchase a gallon of milk on clearance.  I was tempted to purchase some other things, but I resisted as they were not needs.  That means I have $30 to spend on groceries this week.

This week's menu is subject to change.  I am going to be reorganizing the pantry this week.  I want to use up or at least make use of what I have on hand.  Depending on what I find hiding in there, I may adjust what is on the menu this week. 

Big Salads - We can now add some cucumber from the garden to our salad.  I am still waiting for the tomatoes to get ripe.  We have lots of cherry and pear tomatoes hanging on the plants.

Sloppy joes & chips - carried over yet again

Taco pasta & salad - I know I have some canned tomatoes with chilies in the pantry along with elbow macaroni. 

Pork tenderloin, potatoes & milk, salads - I will dig some more potatoes from the garden.  This time of year we tend to eat whatever is growing. The meals may seem repetitive, but we have to eat it while we can.

Barbecue sandwiches - I am definitely cooking the Boston butt that is in the freezer this week. 

Barbecue stuffed potatoes - While I will put most of the leftover barbecue in the freezer for future, easy meals, I will keep some out for this favorite meal.  A baked potato is filled with barbecue and other toppings (cheese, sour cream, green onions) for a hearty but easy meal. 

Spaghetti pie, salad, breadsticks - I have a spaghetti pie in the freezer.  These are better once they are frozen rather than freshly made. 

This is the one week I am not sure I will stick to the menu plan.  I do know that I have lots of other options on hand in the pantry and freezer so there will be no eating out.  I just feel flexible this week.

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