Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weekly Savings

I am going to try to cover the past couple of weeks of savings.

Two weeks ago I took our new cat, Thea, and the neighborhood stray, JJ, to a low cost clinic to be spayed and neutered respectively.  To give you an idea of the savings - I would have paid $110 to have Thea spayed at the vet's office.  At the clinic I paid $35 to have her spayed and given a rabies shot.  I saved enough on her to have JJ neutered.  A side benefit is that he has decided to stay at my house now and will hopefully have a peaceful life from here on out.

After my one big grocery shop at the beginning of December, I did no shopping for 3 weeks.  I did go earlier this week and spent $50.  That will cover the next two weeks and then some.  I bought chicken tenderloins marked down.  They were my favorite not full of antibiotics/steroid brand.  I prepped them to be baked as crunchy chicken tender and put them in the freezer.

We stuck to a modest Christmas budget this year.  I made several gifts.  The crochet purses I did for the 6 little girls in my family were a big hit on my side.  W and I opted not to buy gifts for each other and focused on saving for the new house instead.

I have spent some time each day working on Swagbucks.  I have made my goal each day so far.  I am using the gift cards I earn to buy some things for the new house.

I bought some clothing from TredUp during a sale with free shipping.  I got a dress, two skirts, and four tops.  The tops and skirts can be mixed and matched with each other as well as things already in my closet.

I am using some yarn scraps to crochet hair bows to put in the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I already have some alligator clips on hand.

The mild weather means the garden is still producing.  I picked lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes.  I picked a cabbage (winter crop here) and gave some of the outside leaves to the rabbits as a treat.

I used a few gift cards to get more free magazine subscriptions.  I downloaded several free books.

Those are the top ones.  I stayed home for the most part which is a major savings in itself.


Rhonda said...

I always enjoy this kind of post.
My mom crocheted ski type caps for the 7 great grands, all colorful and different, they were a big hit too. The children and the adults appreciated them. I'm pretty sure she used scrap yarn she had on hand.

I applaud you for taking care of both cats and for the vet for having the low cost procedure.

Terri Cheney said...

It sounds like a pleasant and good month to me. Like Rhonda, I always enjoy this sort of post as well. It's not just a good reminder to you of all you did to save but helps others to be inspired in their own homes.

BTW, I was reading down the page and I'm awfully glad you don't live next door. Chocolate covered cherries are a weakness for me at Christmas time and I managed to eat just ONE this year which was fine. I'm sure I'd have been tempted to stop bya few times in the hopes of having some more, lol.