Monday, April 8, 2019

Back to Basics

I had good intentions of this last week, but I was in a mad dash trying to get stuff made to set up at the farmer's market.  I looked at the calendar and realized this was my only shot at selling my crochet items at this farmer's market for at least a couple of months.  Business was on the slow side due to the threat of rain.  I still sold enough items to keep me encouraged. 

I did learn that baby shoes are the hot item.  Every pair I made was quickly snapped up.  I have purchased a few more patterns from Etsy and will be working hard on baby shoes for the next outdoor market sale.  

W and I need a cleaning schedule so I am pulling an old copy of one that I used.  It has daily chores plus a revolving set of deep cleaning chores. I used to do this myself when he was at work.  Now that we are both working from home I find doing the deeper cleaning to be a challenge.  We are going to try this for the remainder of April and see how it works.

I do have a goal for this month.  My one and only goal is to get the garden cleaned up and planted.  It is a mass of weeds and clutter for the most part.  I have been cleaning/prepping/planting one bed at a time.  I really want to have this done before the pecan trees bloom as I am allergic to the pollen.  I will share a before picture later in the week once the rain moves out.  Damp/wet weeds look worse than regular weeds.  

Hopefully things will go mostly as planned.  Time will tell....

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Your things are just so cute.