Monday, April 29, 2019

Random Things

First up Wanda the turkey has five babies.  She takes them all over the yard.  I was in the garden over the weekend when she came by with them.  I had to get a picture through the fence as she does not like for anyone to get close to them.  She generally has two body guards (the male turkeys) escorting her and the chicks. 

I have been working on the garden and have a goal of spending at least an hour each day out there.  W helped me move around a few things so I have plenty to keep me busy this week.  I have planted all of the tomatoes and just need to fill a bed for the peppers.  I am thinking of using one of the temporary beds for flowers.

I have several crochet projects in progress.  I am finishing up a custom order today and hope to finish another this week.  I have a couple of projects of my own to do for gifts/donation.  Then I will be starting on a special project to donate.  If you would like to keep up with what I am doing, follow me on my Facebook page or on Instagram (@chickaddesigns).  

I am working on Swagbucks again.  My goal is to earn enough gift cards to buy a new Cricut.  I did pick up one that cuts larger stuff which I have been using for projects.  I want to get one that will connect to the internet so I can do more personalized items.  Swagbucks is a good thing to work on while I am crocheting.

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