Friday, April 19, 2019


I am not hiding although it does feel like that at times.  I have been busy with crochet projects and orders which is a blessing.  I have also been busy getting the yard and garden in shape which almost seems hopeless.  I am seeing improvements in some areas.  One area of the yard has to be left untouched for now.  Can you see why?

Let me zoom in a bit more for you.

A little closer?

This is our turkey Wanda who is sitting on seven eggs.  She had a much larger nest outside of the fence.  W upset her my picking up the eggs as her nest spot was not safe.  Those eggs went into the incubator.

Wanda moved inside the fence and started a new nest.  We are anxiously awaiting the hatching of her eggs. Until then the area where she is needs to remain as it is so her hiding spot is safe.

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Out My window said...

How wonderful make sure you post pictures of her new babies.