Friday, June 21, 2013

Feathered Friday

This week it is all about the chickens. 

I cut up a cantaloupe for W and gave the rinds and seeds to the chickens.  The free range chickens still enjoy a treat now and then.

This sexlink hen is almost a pet.  She runs to
greet me and almost lets me pet her.

A buff cochin hen trying to decide if she wants a bite.

These are the babies.  They are slow to eat treats but devour
them once someone is brave enough to try it first.
The little ones are dreaming of the day they are old enough to free range.

The Rhode Island Reds are great layers.  We have a steady supply of eggs.

A black cochin hen

Foghorn the rooster and his girls

This white crested black polish was very interested in the camera.

The Grey Lady - a bantam hen

BB, a buff cochin rooster

Francesca and Jean-Luc

W calls these "teenage" bantams the rascals.  They always hang out together and love scratching around the raised beds and in the compost pile.

Thanks for taking the time to scroll the pictures of my feathered crew!

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Susan in SC said...

I love these pictures! What sweet chicks!