Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sewing - Shopping Bags

I purchased cloth shopping bags many years ago.  They get used (and washed) regularly.  Many of them are starting to wear out. Now I am more comfortable sewing so I decided to make my own bags.  I purchased a piece of fabric at a yard sale for $2 at most. 

While I am more comfortable using my sewing machine, I am far from good.  I tend to be quite slow the first time I make something.  For the first bag I used an online tutorial.  The bag is very nice and sturdy although a bit small.  It will definitely be useful.  The straps extend the length of the bag.

For the second bag I made my own pattern.  I used one of my current cloth shopping bags as a guide.  The second bag is larger although not quite as sturdy.  It will still hold more groceries than a plastic bag. 

I have cut out pieces to make two more bags slightly smaller than the second.  I am going to use two coordinating fabrics that I bought for 75 cents total.  I hope over the next few months to make enough to replace all of the worn out shopping bags.  Plus I think the bright fabrics are so much more fun!


Susan in SC said...

Great job Dawn on the shopping bags!! I love my cloth shopping bags!

Helena said...

Quite impressive there considering you think you are not 'great' at sewing!!! If you are interested in making bags, you will love this blog: also gives away free patterns. I have made some of her bags!