Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Savings: March 2 - March 8

I had some leftover coffee.  Rather than toss it out, I put it in the fridge and made myself an iced coffee one afternoon. 

Meals were all cooked at home with the exception of one day when W ate out.  He was out of town for work and a packed lunch was not convenient.  I made a plan for using up the leftovers. 

I found more discounted items at the grocery store.  I bought "ripe" bananas for 20 cents less a pound than the regular bananas.  I wanted to slice bananas up to freeze for smoothies and wanted them ripe.  I also bought a roll of sausage which I formed into patties and cookies.  I got 8 sausage patties for $1.  I had been wanting to try almond milk and purchased a half-gallon for $1.44.  I like it well enough to purchase it in the future.

A neighbor offered a bunch of Coke bottle caps in exchange for reading the magazines I get when I am done with them.  I get most of the magazines free from My Coke Rewards.  I am happy to share the magazines with her.

I discovered that I could order the cats' and dog's foods online for less than I was paying at local stores.  These are delivered to my door in two days' time.  It saves me time and gas as I was purchased the foods from stores at which I do not regularly shop.  For the cats' food I received a 20% discount off my first order which increased my savings to nearly $20.  Even without a discount I will be saving almost $8.  The dog's food was a savings of almost $7 and earned me some Swagbucks for my purchase.

Swapped some eggs for a bucket of chicken scraps, stapler, tape dispenser, and pack of copy paper.

I discovered two bags of flour while organizing the pantry and have been working to use those up.  Even though they are past the "best by" date, both bags are still perfectly fine.

I waited until the sun returned after several rainy days to wash clothes.  Hanging them outside to dry saved me from using the dryer.

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