Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekly Savings

The past couple of weeks have been busy but not necessarily exciting.  I started some broccoli, collard, and cabbage seeds for the fall garden using seeds left from last year.  They are already starting to sprout.  I also started seeds for tomato plants using seeds I saved from a tomato this year.  These plants will go into five gallon buckets.  They will stay outdoors until it gets cold, and then I will move them into the greenhouse.

I trimmed back the peppermint and spearmint in my garden and dried the leaves.  I have a half pint jar full of lovely dried mint to use for tea.  I cut other herbs to use in cooking.

I took some time to go through the pantry and freezer so I have a better idea of what we have on hand.  This will help me plan my meals for the coming week.  I have been lax in this area and want to get back sitting down once a week to plan out our meals.

Laundry was all washed in homemade detergent and hung either outside or on drying racks to dry.

I did not order piles of stuff during Amazon's Prime Day.  I did take advantage of the gift card offer which gave me a free $10 credit.  I was planning to order some items anyway. The credit allowed me to get some dried herbs that I wanted to order for a reduced price.  My only other purchase was hair clippers for W.  His previous pair was barely functional.  He has already tried them out and is happy.  I chose no rush shipping and got an additional promotional credit.

We are harvesting peppers from the garden.  The Armenian cucumbers continue to produce despite the high heat and humidity.  We will definitely grow these another year.

I stopped at the bank for coin rollers so that we could roll the change we have been saving.  We ended up with close to $75 to put into savings for the house!

Those are the highlights from the past week.  What have you done to save money this past week?

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