Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Savings

First off I want to thank everyone who voted in my poll last week.  I will be starting a new blog soon to share about the process of building our new house.

I had another busy week but less was going on in the garden.  I have spent time pulling some weeds.  It takes me a bit of time to get all of the garden areas weeded.  I only pull what the chickens, ducks, and rabbits can eat at one time.  They enjoy the greens.

I made a bunch of envelopes and finally used up the last wallpaper sample book.  I got about six of the wallpaper books free several years ago at a yard sale.  I also made quite a few birthday cards using items that I had on hand.

My in-laws took the crocheted baby blanket, hat, and diaper cover to my sister-in-law for my new nephew.  Shipping the gift would have cost more than the yarn used to make it.

I went to a two day family reunion over the weekend.  I took mini-cupcakes made with leftover batter and icing that I had frozen.  I also took homemade rolls, brownies (from a box of mix on sale), and macaroni & cheese.

I have two flower pots that are in good structural shape but look horrible.  I plan to repaint them.  Since I was not particular about the color, I chose a can of clearance spray paint.

I finished a free course through Vintage Remedies and signed up for the course that was free with the purchase of an online bundle pack.  I learned quite a bit in the first course and am looking forward to the second.

I focused meals on using up items in the freezer.  I plan to continue to work on that for the next couple of weeks.  I need to make a trip to Sam's Club and am working to make some space in the freezer.

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