Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Savings

I dehydrated chocolate mint and raspberry leaves in the dehydrator.  I also used a large amount of chocolate mint to make ice cream which W did not like.  He decided he only likes artificial mint flavor.  The ice cream will be all mine.

We turned down an invitation to eat out.  W was not especially fond of the restaurant.  I did have a meal already planned for us at home.  We did mention to the couple that we would make arrangements to eat at a locally owned restaurant in the near future.  The food is better, and I would rather keep my money in our neighborhood.

W did some work on his truck and returned a bunch of unnecessary parts for a credit.   Unfortunately he thought the truck had new, major problems.  He checked it out and found the last mechanic shop to work on it did not tighten the lug nuts on the tires.  He will check to see if there was any damage and contact the mechanic.

I am using yarn purchased at a yard sale to crochet a receiving blanket.  I think it may end up in my gift stash.  I am still learning to crochet and am using this project for practice.

I looked online and found some recipes to try using ingredients I have on hand.  They are simple enough that W will eat them.  I like that they make use of what is in the pantry.

This was a quiet week with mostly the usual money savings: line dried laundry, meals cooked at home, etc.

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Amber said...

what do you do with the raspberry leaves? I have quite a few raspberry plants growing in my yard and maybe I am missing out on something great? :) Thanks!