Friday, July 31, 2015

Furry Friday: Rabbits & Friends

We have some new baby rabbits.  They are old enough to jump around the rabbit now.

 This upside down milk crate gives them a place away from the big ones to nap or eat.

The water container seems high but they prefer to drink from this one rather than the lower one on the right.

Anytime I go into the rabbit house, everyone crowds around me hoping for a treat.  Rarely do they stay still long enough for a great photo though.

Our newest rabbit is Peter.  He is very gentle and loves to eat.  I think everything is his favorite.

Now for the friends
The rabbit house is a secure area and makes a good home for some guests.  We have two spiders with very large, intricate webs living under the eaves of the rabbit house.  I really do love spiders and will only kill the dangerous ones.

A bird has made a lovely nest on a shelf inside the rabbit house.  Her eggs are well protected from the elements and from predators!

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Susanna Vaahla said...

So cute bunnies!!
Happy weekend for you!