Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Walk and What Happens When a Three Year Old Gets a Camera

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Homecoming service at my grandmother's childhood church.  Several family members went along.  We ate outside under a tent.  Since the weather was so nice, I took my three year old cousin for a walk.  Being that we were at a church, the only real place to walk was the cemetery.

I spent half of the walk explaining why we could not take flags or flowers from the graves.  She agreed that she would not want anyone taking her stuff, but it did not translate into not taking things from other people (alive or not).  The other half was spent looking at and photographing some of the older tombs - many from the late 1800s.

Maybe I am a little strange for enjoying a walk through an old cemetery.  I expect if you will ask many older people (I said older not old) in the south they will feel the same though.  I especially love the look of this style of tombstone.  It just feels nicer to me and is something I would rather have than a fancy marker.

Back at the tent my cousin asked to take some pictures.  I showed her which buttons to push and turned it over to her.  She took several candid photos of family members.  They will be forever grateful that I am not sharing those with you.  Three year olds are not known for making sure you look your best.  I think part of it was due to the angle of her shots.  The pictures were all clear so I see potential.  She got a couple photos of the top of the tent.

She did take a very nice one of the table decorations.  It was an assortment of greenery, a rose, and a few flowers in a canning jar.  They were simple and very elegant.  

It was a lovely day of visiting with family I rarely see.  We could not have asked for nicer weather.  I was also happy to find someone who did not mind wandering around a cemetery with me even if she was only three.  Perhaps it was the start of passing on that tradition to a younger generation.


Avalon Donaghy said...

Laughing ~ you're most certainly not odd for enjoying a stroll through an old cemetery! In the Pennsylvania cemetery where many of my family rest, there is a gravestone detailing the life of one James F------, including his dates of birth and death, his age at the time he died to the day (as in, "73 years, 4 months, 5 days"), his military career (rank, as well as dates and conflicts), and an homage to his awesomeness in general.

Next to his gravestone is a tiny white marker inscribed, "Martha, his wife."

Granted that he probably had nothing to do with either memorial; still, I can't help snorting every time I see it, and saying, "Why do I get the feeling I would not have liked this guy?"

Regarding lending your small cousin your camera, I love looking back at some of the photographs my kids took when they were "littles" - often a vivid reminder of what the big world looks like from a small perspective.

Terri Cheney said...

I love walking in graveyards, and having solo picnic lunches there as well. I think because as children in my childhood church we were often encouraged to go 'play in the graveyard' so it seemed a safe friendly sort of place to be. I'm glad that a 'new' generation is following in a traditional Southern past time.