Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weekly Savings & Reasons for Lack of Posts

First an apology for the lack of posts.  This is an especially busy time of year not counting the new house.  I am working hard to get everything ready for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party in 11 days.  We are packing 192 boxes this year, and I feel less than organized.  My posting may be sporadic for the next couple of weeks.  Let's move on to a quick recap of last week's savings.

I found a few things for the shoeboxes at a yard sale.  I also found some clothing for me and W at the same yard sale.  Finding some jeans for W was unexpected as he is over 6' tall.

I put all of the construction trash in the regular trash can again with two bags going in my parents' trash can.  I know this probably will not last, but I am enjoying it while I can.

The weather continues to be on the mild side although warmer than normal for this time of year.  We have not needed to use the heat or air conditioner.

I have been focusing on cooking from the freezer.  We moved some of the older deer meat from the outside freezer to the inside one.  This allowed us to put the fresher meat outside.  I can also find the older meat now to make sure it gets used up first.

I earned a $5 Amazon card from Bing Rewards.  I can usually get $5 per month. You can sign up here (disclosure:  this is my referral link).  It only takes a few minutes per day.  I plan to use all of my earned gift cards to buy things for the new house.

I was gifted with locally grown corn and tomatoes.  We had boiled corn and tomato sandwiches for lunch one day

Those are the highlights for this past week.  What did you do to save money?

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Sarah L said...

Great post. In August I quit my job to stay home. Even though we don't have that income anymore, I think it is actually saving us money. I don't have to buy and launder uniforms, I don't have to pack a lunch everyday, and it saves 25 miles of driving everyday which is saving gas. We are saving on gas even more as my Husband is now drivng a company truck and they pay for the gas!
We have also started doing our shopping every other week. Planning ahead and waiting for shopping day instead of running out to get whatever it is. I think we are doing pretty good. But always looking for more ways to save.