Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekly Savings

Life got extra busy over the past week, and I did not have a chance to do anything extra.  I should have taken time to jot down some of my savings.  Since I did not I will hit the ones that stick out best in my mind.

I have started back entering online sweepstakes and instant wins.  It is a free hobby and only takes a few minutes each day.  Over the past two weeks I received a coupon for Thomas bread products which I used to get two free packages of bagels (the only bread I do not make from scratch).  I also received a speaker for my MP3 player from Kool-Aid.  It is small but has a good sound.

We returned some unused items from the construction of our foundation for a credit.

We planned to get rid of our couch which was a bit worn and smelled a bit too much like Leo.  W set it on the front porch but had not had time to haul it to the landfill.  A neighbor stopped to get some eggs and asked about the couch.  I explained the problems but she still wanted it.  She offered to pay, but I refused.  She was saving us money (and time) by taking it.

I once again stuck to my $30 grocery budget.  I was honestly a bit surprised that I have a cushion of $6 which I can use for stocking up.

I made ranch and honey mustard salad dressings.  Both are super easy to mix together.  The flavor is so much better than bottled dressings.

Thus far all of our construction trash has fit in our regular weekly trash can.  This saves us from paying additional fees to dispose of the trash.  It also means we are not producing an enormous amount of waste.

I did the usual:  packed W's lunch in reusable containers, hung laundry outside to dry, cooked meals at home, and opened the windows thanks to the mild weather.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So nice of you to give the couch to your neighbor. lots of good savings.Best wishes on your new home.

Terri Cheney said...

I love homemade Honey Mustard dressing. Yum! By the way the most impressive thing I read in your bulletin was that you had been able to fit all of your construction waste thus far in your regular trash can. Wow! That is an impressive fact.

Lorita said...

Loke Terri, I think it is amazing that all your construction waste fit in your regular trash can. Just goes to show that you both are very careful in using up what you have. It is great that your neighbor took your old couch, saving more from the landfill as well as your labor and cost to get it there. Would your neighbor like to come to my house and take my big entertainment center and old tv too? :)