Monday, October 12, 2015

Holiday Grand Plan Week 7 and Last Week's Recap

Recap first and then my plans....I managed to do a bit of cleaning but not much.  I am beginning to feel like I should just give up.  Every little bit helps though.  I did get my craft room table cleaned and worked more on the Christmas cards.  I spent some time working on the baby blanket.  It is coming along well.  The weather finally cleared, and I was able to work in the yard.  I spent a couple of days in the garden and another afternoon cleaning up construction mess.

Week 7 of the Holiday Grand Plan can be found here.  I do not have a guest room so I can continue to work on catching up.

*I will try again to finish the bathroom.  Keeping up on regular cleaning keeps me busy enough.

Holiday Prep
*I will continue to work on the Christmas cards and may simplify the design slightly to go ahead and finish those this week.

*I am crocheting dish cloths and scrubbers to donate to a church sale so the blanket is on hold for a week.  These come together quickly, and crocheting relaxes me.

*Continue to move donations and Operation Christmas Child stuff to the church.
*Spend some time organizing the freezer in the house.  I do not want to do a major cleaning, but it does need some work.
*Keep up with cleaning the construction mess in the yard.

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