Friday, October 16, 2015

Furry Friday: Introducing Thea

About a month ago when W fed the chickens by himself, he asked me did I know there was a cat in the chicken house.  I had no idea.  He found her eating an egg.  A cat in the chicken house was no problem.  A cat in the chicken house eating eggs was a big problem.  I solved that by putting out bowls of food and water.  We rarely saw the cat anywhere but up a tree after that.  The cat food was disappearing, but we could never prove she was actually eating it.

Fast forward a month and we have officially been adopted by a gray calico kitten we named Thea.  She still lives in the chicken house but no longer eats eggs.  She will allow us to pet her a bit and comes when called for supper.

Thea likes to watch while I work in the garden.

She loves to play and cannot understand why none of the chickens want to play with her. 

We have no idea if she was left at our house or found it on her own.  She is a sweet cat and has a forever home with us!


Sarah L said...

She's pretty. I'm glad she found you!

Terri Cheney said...

Oh I love cats that 'find' us instead of us looking for them, lol. I'm glad she stopped eating eggs and had no desire to eat chickens either.

Lorita said...

Thea is cute as well as pretty. I am not usually fond of calico cats but she is an exception. The poor thing had to have been very hungry to eat the eggs and a good thing she stopped doing that once you started feeding her. I am a little surprised that the chickens accepted her in their house without making a bug fuss about it.