Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekly Savings

We received a bill from the building supply company for the materials delivered.  I compared the bill slips with the delivery slips and discovered we had been overcharged for blocks.  I took both receipts in and was credited for $10.11.

I stuck to my $30 grocery budget this week.  I used coupons toward milk, lettuce, frozen pizza, and frozen fries.  That amount also includes purchasing a pack of red onion sets for the garden.  I planted 50 and passed the others on to family members who also garden.

My mother gave me a vase of flowers.  They were used in a wedding and then used in a church service.  The original arrangement started to fall apart.  She saved the best to make individual arrangements.

I put out some Halloween decorations once again using items I already had on hand.  I have things that I love so I happily use them over and over again.

I planned leftovers for lunch on the day that I worked.  Having a meal already planned removes the temptation to pick up something from a fast food place or the grocery store.

I put together a simple birthday gift of lotion and candles using items from my pantry.  These items were free or very cheap so I had little out of pocket cost.  It made a nice, useful gift though.

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Susan said...

A spa package of lotion and candles sounds like a very nice gift. I would love to receive something like that. Beautiful flowers you got from your mom.