Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving Through Week 2

The pantry challenge continues. I have several ideas for meals, but my dh has not been home to eat any of them or else he comes in too late for me to consider cooking. Obviously he and his friends do not share my love of schedules and organization. I have been eating some of my homemade frozen "tv dinners" while he has eaten either cereal or a sandwich. He has agreed to come home to eat for the rest of the week so I am working on a menu and will post that tomorrow.

I did manage to decorate a giant chocolate chip cookie. I know that I need some more practice decorating, and I do love these cookies. I love the "Merry Unbirthday" line from Alice in Wonderland although I seem to be the only person who remembers that. Nevertheless, I made myself a Merry Unbirthday cookie.

I think these look a bit like candles.

In the process I did manage to drop a knife on my foot. Of course, it went tip down into my toe. Have I mentioned yet that I am a klutz? I am a major klutz. Fortunately it was not one of our better knives so my wound was not bad.

Two days before this I got my foot stuck in a hole in the yard and twisted my ankle. Oh, and I knocked the rear view mirror off my car windshield when I lifted the sun visor. Fortunately I am only a danger to myself.

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