Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wrapping Up Week Two

Tomorrow ends week 2 of my pantry challenge. Since I know I will not be doing any shopping, it is safe to do my wrap-up today. I had no purchases this week so obviously my total spending was $0. Woo Hoo! Part of that was due to an unexpected blessing.

Dh came home on Tuesday with the two loaves of bread seen below. I am not really clear on the story, and I am not sure he is either. Basically he went to some store and they had an overabundance of bread somehow. Anyway dh got two free loaves of bread. I kept one out for sandwiches and the other went into the freezer for later. What a wonderful treat! That was an item on my list that will not have to be purchased this month.

I will also say that while I posted some menu ideas I ended up only using one of them. I think for the remainder of this challenge I am simply going to post pictures and ramblings of our meals the following day. That should also motivate me to post more often. What good is a blog with no new entries. I will start with Sunday's meal entry on Monday. There, I said it so I have to do it.

I went through the cabinets earlier this week to see what I had left to work with for the next two weeks. I did find one can of pear halves seriously out of date. I also found two more cans as well as a can of corn nearing their best buy dates. The cabinets are getting more bare, but I still have plenty left to complete my challenge.

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