Friday, August 8, 2008

Week One Purchases

When I started this challenge, I said that I was giving myself $10 per week in flexible spending. Below are my only purchases for this week:

I am proud to say that my total spent for week one is $1!! This was an after coupons total. I sent dh to the store since he was running another errand. It was probably less than $1, but he kept the few coins he got back as a tip.

I will be carrying the $9 over to the next week so I will actually have $19 to possibly spend. I know loaf of white bread will be a purchase as dh does not homemade bread for everyday sandwiches. I am on the lookout for a good, non-bread machine white bread to change his mind though. I also need to check the level of powdered milk I have on hand. For now I am very happy with my $1 grocery bill.


Rhonda in OK said...

Great job, Dawn!

Homemade bread does sometimes get crumbly and dry after just a day or too so I know how your husband feels.
I make buns out of the same bread dough that I also use for loaves. Just roll it out like biscuits, cut with 3 inch circle, and rise and bake like you do bread.
They make excellent buns for hot sandwiches like burgers and sloppy joes.
I think they stay fresh longer too, for sandwich eating than sliced bread.

I did not come up with idea. My grandparents were both bakers and they always had buns made up for sandwiches.

Megan said...

I, too, made hamburger buns resently and everyone scarfed them down. Easy, cheep, and probably with stuff in your pantry. Made for a great sandwich! I'm impressed with your dollar purchase! Way to go!

Natural Care said...

Good plan.Let us know the next week spending..