Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Remainder of the Week Menus

I worked on the menus for the rest of this week. I was able to find plenty of items to keep my pantry challenge going. This is in no particular order but more a list of meal ideas.

~Ham, potato salad, green beans, corn muffins
~Sloppy joes, baked potato chips
~Tuna stuffed shells, salad, foccacia
~Taco rice
~Swiss steak over rice, peas, squash, rolls
~Italian beef sandwiches

One night we are hosting a little get together for the teens at our church as we are the youth directors. This meal will be a free one for us since the costs are covered by the church. We will have grilled hamburgers, chips, and s'mores. I will be using a big bag of marshmallows in my pantry as well as some of the free cheese slices. Even if I am not paying for the meal, I like to try to be frugal about it.

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