Monday, August 4, 2008

Pantry Challenge

I guess this should be called a freezer challenge since my stuffed freezer is what prompted me to do this. I am not sure I could even put one more ice cube in it. My challenge is to last three weeks or maybe even four using only items I have on hand. Since I do like fresh stuff and highly suspect I will need powdered milk, I am giving myself the leeway of having $10/week to spend.

The next two days will be simple enough since I had chosen menu items for those prior to deciding to do the challenge. I know I can handle a week without much thought. After that I might have to get a bit creative. I want to do this without eating anything scary. While I know that $10 will not go very far, it does make me feel better knowing that I have it if necessary.

Wish me luck! Let the fun begin!!


Courtney said...

Good Luck keep us updated on your progress. I need to do this also before fall comes around.

Megan said...

Oh fun! Good luck! I'll be watching.